Wednesday, 18 March 2009

UB Deny Hellmuth-Phobia Killing 10c WSOP Qualifiers

It is not often in the world of Poker that you can not even give stuff away - but today we bring you a sizzling exclusive of just that. Yes dear Melted Felt readers we can exclusively reveal that Ultimate Bet are denying that the very thought of having to walk into the Rio for the World Series main event with Phil Hellmuth is stopping people from entering the 10c Step qualifiers recently introduced there.

"You'd have thought the chance to win a $12,000 package including airfare, main event entry, complimentary whore and hotel would attract at least some interest" a UB superuser, er, sorry we meant UB insider, told us yesterday "10 f-ing cents to join and not a single bite so far can only be caused by one thing... Hellmuth-o-Phobia - the fear of being associated with Phil" he continued, while transfering large amounts of cash between accounts, "I mean, we even threw in an $8k Aruba seat to the deal - but the potential embarassment factor is just so great that nobody wants to play".


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