Thursday, 2 April 2009

'Poker Skill' April Fools Joke Takes In PPA + Players Worldwide

Poker Stars have done it again! After having the biggest tournament, the most players and the largest known collection of cat pictures outside of specialist websites - the world's most popular poker site have gone one better....

Yes, dear readers - we can exclusively reveal that Poker Stars have now claimed the crown of starting Poker's biggest April Fools joke too, convincing millions of donks worldwide that poker was somehow a game of skill with a plausable sounding 'study' of 300 million hands.

We caught up with Dave McDoomswitch, head of Stars letting new players win then rivering them when they move up levels department - who was still wiping the laughter tears from his eyes a day later, 'Can't believe so many people fell for it to be honest' spluttered Dave, 'I mean take a look at the games for yourself and try and spot any skill... more like fucking bingo'.

In a potentially embarrasing twist, the Poker Players Alliance (that organisation who have apparently managed to raise millions in funds to carry out their free activities from golf courses worldwide) actually used the study of 300 Million hands as evidence in court. Luckily the South Carolina judge had a couple of $3+ rebuys under her belt and was able to see through the hilarious study quickly... 'any 2-suited all the way to the river' being explicitly mentioned in the summing up.

With bright college kids using this April Fools joke study to convince their parents to let them drop out of college for a bright future driving fork-lift trucks - we asked Shelly Neverhap-Penslive, PokerStars head of Creative RNG programming, whether the social responsibilities had been thought through before publishing, she looked us straight in the eye (which is actually quite difficult on the telephone) before assuring our readers that 'Full Tilt Poker is sh1te'.



Joppa Road said...

Superb lol!

Mark said...

Hey, Cheers - we used to have a cake every time we upset a reader, but since readers seem less upset these days I always appreciate a lol.


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