Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sunday Times Rich List Shows Poker's Real Winners

An exclusive wallowing glooorioous mud today, as we bring you news of the Annual Sunday Times Rich list... a rating of the world's richest people produced by the UK's gigantic best selling Sunday newspaper. This year saw several people from the internet poker and gambling business hit such dizzy heights that your 5PTBB / 100 at 50c / $1 NL holdem just may not seem so impressive any more.

In the spirit of public service which Melted Felt readers have become accustomed (What the f are you going on about now? - ed) we also provide some comparisons with the income of many online pros....

Top of the Poker Rich are the founders of Party Poker, husband and wife team Ruth Parasol and Russ De Leon who are worth something around $1000 Million. While the Melted Felt mole has suggested removing their fingers with blunt gardening tools we prefer the comparison with those college students who are considering becoming $3000 / month SNG grinders for a living. Ragga Dikshit is also in the list, even after giving away all those millions to the US government in return for absolutely fvck all.

At a mere $600ish Million the internet rich-list's 6th spot goes to another Husband and Wife team, this time Peter and Denise Coates - the owners of bet 365. The mole suggests pouring hot stuff into their eyes, just like on Slumdog Millionaire. We prefer the simple comparison with your $200 monthly rakeback that you are probably looking forward to receiving right now.

Betfair finished up the poker execs in the top 20, with no fewer than 3 people worth $250 millionish each. Hey, the mole knows as well as you do that their dicks are tiny - but lets reflect on the $4000 you'll receive for your boring as fvck office job this month for a moment, and compare it to the luxuary lifestyles of those who own the poker real estate.


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