Friday, 29 May 2009

European Commission Investigates Greek Gambling Monopoly

In an exclusive so sensational we asked for onions, no tomato and extra chilli sauce, Melted Felt can bring you the news of an investigation, a backlash, a scandal and a goat from the cradle of civilisation itself - Greece.

Yes, dear Melted Felt reader the Greek authorities are in trouble for shutting down the betting shops belonging to Stanley - the UK sportsbook and casino brand. The scandal was triggered when Paulopolos Palopalinos tried to use his goat as security for a half time - full time double bet on Olimpiakos FC. According to ancient Greek law a man's goat is good for collateral, and - after Plapolos greased the palms and complimented the manly mustaches of the local ouzo-fueled police squad, the bookies was raided and the chain shut down.

While 1000's of miles away in Brussells the EU's wheels creaked slowly to protest, the Greek media have been having a field day with the demonisation of online gambling outfits.

One such example was the front-page story of Phillippas Pillipapasolas, a 17 year old from Athens who tilted big time on Party Poker one day - losing his family their prized donor Kebab business. His mother was on national TV the very next day, sobbing in front of the entire nation that her dreams of sending Phillippas to Germany - where his 14 siblings are already happily unemployed and living off the state - were now shattered.

With politicians promising to ensure that the young male population of Greece are kept away from the Gambling sites to pursue the traditional Greek passtimes of chasing any female tourist with a pulse, smoking and throwing flaming stuff at riot police - it looks like the EU may have a battle on its hands. At the time of going to press the Goat was alive and well, though rather worried about the prospect of Panathinaikos losing the next round of the cup.


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