Sunday, 24 May 2009

High Stakes Poker - Biggest Online PLO Pot Ever!

In an exclusive so stellar that even the sun had to wear shades to read it, Melted Felt is pleased to bring you news of a pot of pot limit omaha which pipped previous pots to the post by becoming the biggest poker pot limit pot ever pushed.

A heads-up PLO match between Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan and Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies over at Full Tilt Poker was the setting, the stakes $3000 / $9000 with more than $700,000k on the table - here is how the hand went down:

Durrrr On The Button holding Q-10-8-5 double suited raised to $3,000 - exactly the amount that one Albert Krug, unemployed veteran of the first Gulf war needed to by medicine which would ease the agonising and constant pain of his arthritis. Ziigmund, holding a one-gap single suited run down of J-9-8-7 made the reraise to $9000, coinciedntally the shortfall in Sarah McBrides college fees that her parents were unable to pay since her dad was laid-off, leaving her destined for the trailer park instead of starting a promising career as a lawyer. Durrrr liked his double suited hand and re-potted pre-flop to $27,000 which is damn close to the amount required to keep Ken and Helen Friedman and their two daughters Molly (3) and Cherry (4 and a half) from being forcably evicted from their home next month.

When the flop came an 'action' J-10-2 with 2 spades giving Durrrr top pair and a flush draw and Ziigmund a huge wrap the play got tricky, with both players checking their option. The turn an offsuit 7 brought the fireworks though.

First Ziigmund lead out for $54,000 which is actually the amount of cash owed by bankrupt customers to Bill Palin, who runs a small engineering firm in Chicago forcing him to lay-off 2 loyal and long-serving members of staff. Durrrr then re-raises to a huge $216k (the completely out of reach cost of life-saving cancer treatment that would save the life of Tiffany, 12) and Ziigmund completes the betting with an all-in for $324,000, enough to fund the Seattle charity dedicated to giving disadvataged children a chance to better themselves through sport for another year...

When the cards were turned up Ilari was a 75% / 25% favorite to take down the pot and, when a second jack hit the river scooped a record breaking $703,000 pot.

Wonder what he'll do with the money??


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