Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lee Jones Goes To Cack Poker - For The Same Reason Everyone Else Does

In an exclusive so rare we locked it in an underground seed vault in Norway, Melted Felt is pleased to bring you the shocking news that Lee Jones - all round nice guy and serial job-hopper has card-run over to Cack Poker... after Full Tilt refused to switch his account to rakeback.

Having signed up as LeeJ420 back in 2002 before becoming aware that Rakeback was available, Jones sent numerous mails to support threatening to take his SAGE-assisted all-ins elsewhere in a polite and semi-formal manner. After a year on the alledged waiting list, 26 mails and 26 promises that his account would be switched soon all from different customer service reps - Lee had enough and decided to become COO of Cack Poker, where he was able to get 33% rakeback while playing on a sh1te poker site with 3 other people.

In an exclusive interview with some other site which we have totally ignored in favor of a completely made-up statement, Jones said "well let us face it, Cack Poker is so fvcking bad at the moment that I can hardly make it any worse right?" continuing, "I'll start by pointing out the obvious, suggesting they spend money on stuff and generally doing a few interviews, if all goes well I'll be in the next job with a fat pay-rise taking the credit for a successful turn-around" finishing, "If it goes wrong then the bastards simply did not listen".

We finished up by asking Jones what made him choose the 'hoody' avatar over at Cack Poker - enquiring as to whether this maybe represented a hidden youthful side? "Don't be daft" Jones replied, "Its to cover up my massive bald-patch".


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