Thursday, 28 May 2009

Online Poker Community Baffled By Hall Of Fame Concept

In an exclusive so confusing we put it in a circular room with instructions to piss in the corner, Melted Felt is pleased to sensationally report that the previuosly unknown poker hall of fame is now fully open for nominations. Unfortunately for the latest crop of the taxi drivers of tomorrow, otherwise known as ' aspiring online poker pros' the concept appears to be in need of some clarification.

Firstly the concept of the hall of fame is not to honor players who made it to the top of the tournament leader board during May 2009, courtesy of spending 12 hours a day in complete darkness grinding every $30 and under online tournament possible - but rather to induct those who have contributed to the game over the long term, or appeared on Poker After Dark.

Secondly, taking down an FTOPS event, final tabling the Sunday million or being a regular in the Stars $100r is all very nice, but lets be honest you can not even remember the people who were doing this last year, let alone in 2007... nope, the Boku challenge will not be remembered this time next year either. Writing a book might be a help in grabbing a coveted nomination, which adds another 2,712 this month....

Third, in order to nominate someone for the Poker Hall of Fame you'll need to hire a writer. Someone capable of actually putting sentences together will then need to be told the reasons for your nomination - 'PWNS', 'IMO' and 'lol donkamnents' are not likely to be considered legitimate reasons by the judging panel.

We sent the Melted Felt Mole deep into the judging panel to find out more, he came back with one clear message - poker hall of fames are rigged.



Joppa Road said...

Hi mate....always a good read. I love the way MF often makes me feel even more of a pleb! Anyways can you link my blog? (dont ask dont get)



Mark said...

Thanks JR - happy to have added you.


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