Monday, 11 May 2009

Shock As Minnesota Gambling Sites Ban Leads Millions To Look At Maps

Poker players all over the US are outraged, yesterday, Melted Felt can exclusively report - after the State of Minnesota intructed telecoms to block access to a list of 200 gambling-related websites.

Shocked and ditressed poker fans from all corners of the country stopped min-raising suited kings for a moment to express their anger - before quickly doing a search in Google maps to check where Minnesota actually was. After verifying that this state was not in fact part of Canada, many of these poker players resolved to lend their support to their poker-loving brethen in the strongest way possible, by posting one-liners on popular internet forums without using any caps.

But things get worse for the residents of Minnesota - who famously have one leg shorter than the other... causing them to frequently walk around in circles. Not only has access to some of their favorite gamling sites been blocked, but access to sites which do not take business from US players have been blocked to.

Just to make sure, the Minnesotan United Protection Policy Everyones Together Service, or MUPPETS for short, banned all sites mentioning Gum-Balls, Gamboling (bouncing lambs) and Pokemon... before realizing that the internet has not yet reached their part of the world anyway so they might aswell go back to fly fishing.


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