Thursday, 14 May 2009

WPT Pulls Out Of China After Cultural Mis-Understanding

The Poker World became a smaller place yesterday, dear Melted Felt readers, we are pleased to sensationally report - as the World Poker Tour announced it was pulling out of China for the 2010 season. With so much face-reduction at stake we immediately dispatched the Melted Felt mole to the land of plastic-stuff, bicycles and human rights abuses to bring the TRUTH.

Apparently things started to go awry after WPT Cheif Steve Lipsmack sat supping green tea with his Chinese equivalent and became disconcerted by the beak of a bird - along with a sad looking beady eye - repeately popping out from beneath a partly covered dinner plate.

After much debate about the size of cushions required to get the particpiants heads over the rim of the WPT tables the meeting moved on to the nitty gritty of finance. After a rather heated debate which involved the requirement to clarify that each participant was not actually able to claim a refer-a-friend bonus for their entire family going back 6 generations each on 3 different IP addresses the deal was almost closed - and the beak popped out one more time.

At this point in the meeting an organized tour took place with national collection of treasures such as the great wall, terrocotta army and Tibet on display and big smiles all-round. A televised signing was then arranged for the deal itself, when a curious Lipsmack could contain himself no longer and had to ask about the beak and beady eye he had seen earlier in the day repeatedly popping out from under from the dinner service.

Here is where things went horribly wrong - ultimately leading to today's announcement that the WPT would close it's Chinese operation. Steve asked whether this was the actually what they meant by the famous Chinese dish of 'Chicken Suprise'... and was met by stunned slience - broken only by the tink tink tink noise of a dropped chopstick, wondering what has happened to cause the previously genuine smiles on his hosts faces to become stuck fast, it was with horror and embarrassment that Lipsmack found he was completely wrong.... the dish was in fact Peking Duck.

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