Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tom McEvoy Threat Boosts Poker Hall Of Fame Prospects

In an exclusive so shocking that it also does not believe that Schumacher was really The Stig, we can bring you an exclusive from the poker corridoors of slightly yellowed black and white photos today - as we examine a last minute revalation which may just tip the balance with the nomination to Poker's exclusive hall of fame for one Tom McEvoy.

No, dear readers, it is not the fact that online poker giant Pokerstars have thrown their weight behind the 4-times WSOP bracelet winner's bid to have a life-like wax dummy - complete with genuine grey Mink fur beard - enshrined in poker history. Nor is it the fact that McEvoy not only beat all 3 other entrants to win the 1983 main event title, but then sucked out on every winner since in the 'tournament of champions'.

Dear readers we urge you to grab a nomination form immediately, and 'Vote Tom' for this years entry... you will not only be participating in poker history as it actually unfolds, you will be helping the next generation of poker players to avoid suffering which many of us have (sadly), already endured.Yes dear readers, McEvoy has virtually guaranteed his inaugauration this year by threatening to write another fucking poker book if he does not get in... the only small glimmer of hope in this doomsday poker-literature scenario is that TJ Cloutier is probably far too busy blowing his money at the craps tables to co-author with him this time...

Come on folks - vote Tom today and save us all!

SENSATIONAL BREAKING NEWS ADDITION: The Melted Felt Mole has just wispered into our shell-like ear-holes that rumors are circulating Party Poker may also be on the nomination trail, with none other than legend Mike Sexton due to be nominated for his organizational and TV commentary services - on the strict understanding that he would then shut the fuck up...


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