Wednesday, 8 July 2009

5th WSOP Entrants Staff Sweepstake - In A Row!

In an exclusive so shocking it is soon releasing its own operating system, we bring you the sensational news that World Series official Jeff
Bollock has won the staff 'guess the entrant numbers' sweepstake for the 5th year in a row- scooping over $1230 in the process.

Yes dear Melted Felt readers, each year the staff at Poker's premier event all put in $5 and take their pick of the number of entrants in the $10,000 NLHE 'Main Event' with the staff member closest the the exact number scooping the whole pot. In 2009 the pot was uncannily scooped for the 5th successive time by WSOP commissioner Jeff bollock - who correctly picked the exact number of 6,494 players.

Up to 500 angry poker players - who missed out on a seat this year - were apparently milling around the Rio looking for a chat box to type 'IMAO' or 'Retard' into, while Jeff B was busy counting his loot. Coming up with a great list of exuses why there could not be more tables, JB declined to play 10 handed, offer alternates, have a mini day 1E or simply put up more tables saying that this would be unfair on those who got the fuck out of bed on time and to shove your late registration button suggestions where the sun don't shine.

Melted Felt would like to personally congratualate Jeff on scooping the sweepstake pot for the 5th time in a row, and think that any suggestion of abuse of power or manipulation of the entrant numbers by Mr Bollock are just gripes and unsporting behavior from those who lost a fair game. We also think that having orphans, cripples, someones grandmother and a polio sufferer complete with iron lung join the back of the queue in time for the media to arrive was simply a publicity stunt put on my disgruntled internet poker pros.

Right, we are off to join Phil Ivey at the non-featured table...


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