Friday, 24 July 2009

Player Proves Online Poker Is Not Only For Geeks - Using ICM

Yes Dear Melted Felt readers, we take you into the dark and murky world of shoving all-in at the bubble today, to bring you the sensational proof (as if proof were needed) that online poker is 103.76% not only for geeks!

Johan Johannson from Sweden spent many weeks toiling and calculating in his quest to prove that cool kids could play online poker too. He trawled internet forums in several languages - and only found geeks. He datamined Full Tilt and analyzed 100's of player hours of table chat, only to find no evidence of social skills what so ever. Finally, while analyzing a bubble push to make sure it had positive expecation of more than 0.001% over time - regardless of the outcome in this individual hand - Johan found the proof he was looking for!

Oh, the Independant Chip Model, in which players stacks are turned into prize pool equity so they magically don't have to play poker post-flop any more even though SNGs require just as much skill as Cash Games - has proven - once and for all that Poker is not only for geeks. While it baffled us here at Melted Felt, fortunately Johan was able to explain!

"Yes", began Johan, "poker is a passtime for many people and not just geeks, we have the proof, yes". Continuing, "Yes, taking a short stack at the bubble and converting his chips into prize pool equity we can immediately see that he is in bad shape, with 2 medium stacks and a calling range of 88+ AQo+ he should be pushing whenever the big stack is out of the hand, the fact that he is called in one place by A7 adds 0.172% equity, with the big stack out of the hand he has a 31.9% chance of busting, and then calls with 5's or better or any suited ace above 7 when the big stack pushes - of course this is negative over time if one of the medium stacks have already called, especially when 12-tabling, yes?".

Completely baffled we asked how this actually proved that not all online poker players are spotty pale geeks who would have been playing Dungeons and Dragons if the internet had not been invented yet? "equilibrium" Johan continued "Yes? If you push range x then I can call range Y for any given chip stack size and be profitable, so you adjust to exploit range Y - instead pushing Z which leads me to further adjust to calling with a range which beats this...". We butted in "Well, thats all very nice Johan but..." ..."Yes!" he shouts, "you see it only takes one cool guy and we are adjusting until we are all equal"

So there we have it - concrete proof that poker is not in the slightest bit a game for geeks, using ICM - which is nice.


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