Friday, 10 July 2009

Winning Poker Tournaments - One Ear At A Time

Product Description:

Now you can get right into the Ear of world-famous poker pro Gus Hansen - and learn his secrets.


One of professional poker's most successful players and favorite target of forum posters who love to say 'not world class' - even though they cant tell a fish from a grinder at NL25 - Gus Hansen is known for his wild and fearless playing style as much as for his ears.

Being the only player ever to win 3 WPT tournaments, Hansen is in a unique position to offer aspiring tournament players insights into how he plays his ears. With plays from some of the biggest tournaments in the world analyzed you can take your poker game to the next level with Gus Hansen's 'Every Ear Revealed'

What You'll Learn:

- Extensive, yet easy to follow analysis of more than 300 ears played during the Aussie Millions...

- Radical, yet strangely logical methods behind Gus' play of ears which helped him win big piles of moolah.

- How to call large bets with seemingly unplayable ears.

- When to raise out of position with garbage lug-holes.

- How the tournament's prize structure should influence your ears.

And There's More!

Order today to find out some of pokers most coveted secrets - you can turbo charge your ears and watch those earnings take off... with our super saver delivery, you'll be hearing the posty arrive any day now! Only $12.99.

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