Friday, 28 August 2009

Canuk Joy At Boghog Opportunity

Spreading the joy and indifference this Friday, dear Melted Felt readers, as we bring you the sensational news that Canadian poker fans can now join the rest of the world in not really giving much of a sh1t about Boghog Poker.

For years and years, an ancient Inuit laws involving rake from whale-hunts prevented Boghog allowing Canadian players to enter their 1980's themed virtual poker room. Now that these legal obstactles have been removed, the site that was created by a bloke who came from the icy North will now allow those very Canadians who were barred to not really bother to play there, much.

We spoke to Olson McMolson, a Polar-bear farmer from Toronto and avid fan of micro-limit SNGs about the exciting news. "Canadians have always felt a little p1ssed about not being allowed to play there." Olson started, "I mean, it was started by a Canadian after all." Continuing, "We are very happy that we can now join the majority of the poker playing world in not really giving a sh1t about Boghog, happy that we could play there if we wanted - its pretty cool that we can now join our American cousins in shrugging, looking blank and showing the palms of our hands whenever Boghog is mentioned."

The Melted Felt statistics department got onto the case immediately, using the latest in multiple-regression analyses to work out that as many as 9 Candian players could grace the Boghog Poker tables by the end of the week - and that there is a 17.3% probability of at least 1 of them going back twice...


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