Monday, 3 August 2009

Durrrr challenge To Be Televised??

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, it is true - watching paint dry has never been more fun. These 'heady' summer days spent lounging in between the WSOP-9 and Pokerstars finally getting round to synchronising their breaks would have been perfect for watching the flip-flip-flop of the high stakes Durrrr challenge... if only it would run.

Exuses vary, one minute Dwan's appointment at a special school designed to teach basic social skills is alledgedly in the way, next it is Antonius holding things up with an extended trip to the hairdressers. In the time in takes for 1000 'build my bankroll from $50 to $5000' blog challenges to fizzle into cries of 'rigged', we have seen precisely fvck all action at those challenge tables.

Fear not, dearest readers, there is a silver lining in every cloud - and it appears that the Durrrr Challenge has just passed that threshold of boredom which means that non-premium sports channels worldwide have decided to put chewed biros to yellowing contracts.

No more of that cross country skiing with a shooting round in the middle (whatever the hell that was about in the first place?), we will now be able to watch raise, pot-reraise, re-pot, call, pot, re-pot, re-re-pot all-in instead. No more Curling, replays of 1980's UEFA cup soccer quarter-finals or 20 minute long trailers showing the same old fast-edit home-runs... nope, now we can watch Durrrr sit out instead.

In order to prevent things becoming too exciting, the sport channels have decided to ensure that no more than 5 minutes of content is seem before elongated advert breaks during which stupid people will get the opportunity to lose their houses by securing loans that they could previously have walked away from on them...


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