Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pokerstars Introduce Better Synchronised Breaks

Online Poker is competative, dear Melted Felt readers, not just for the players but for the poker sites themselves - who are always trying to grab more players from the opposition to improve their bottom line. When Full Tilt introduced synchronised breaks for their multi-table tournament players, the praise was universal - with tournament grinders worldwide disgarding their piss-bottles with glee.

Now Pokerstars have gone one better, with all-improved superior synchronised breaks.

While the Full Tilt and Stars breaks both start at 5 minutes to each hour and both last 5 minutes, the difference is apparent as soon as the break begins - according to our imaginary contact Ben Madson, head of nicking other peoples good ideas at Pokerstars. "There is a tangible difference in the quality of the break tournament players will receive at Pokerstars" ben began, 'Each minute feels like a luxuary package in its own right, tired eyes feel like they have received cooling camamile eye-drops, mouse fingers feel they have been gently stroked by a furry kitten and tense shoulders like they have been caressed by a fully trained Swedish masseur"

"Compare this to Full Tilt's overlapping synchronised breakets" spat Ben, "barely time to pop out for a sh1t, smoke half a wet ciggy and *boom* you already missed aces because you ran back, tripped over the dog and split your head open on that corner of a bookcase you have been meaning to cover for months now".

Well, we have to admit Stars seem to have done a great job, wonder what is coming next??


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