Monday, 14 September 2009

Kahnawake Release Ultimate Bet Scandal Report

A Year, dear Melted Felt readers, is a long time in poker. Safe in the knowledge that more than 80% of the players who were at the virtual tables when the Ultimate Bet Scandal was news went broke and started a new hobby, the Kahnawake Gaming Association - a completely independent organization which protects the interest of the gambling sites who pay a subscription, no, hang on there, we mean 'A completely independent organization which protects the interests of poker players worldwide' (cough) have released a report!

Anyway, the report itself was somewhat shorter than expected, though the key points were covered in the appendix.

Appendix 1:

1 - Hopefully a year is long enough for the fuckers to have forgotten...

2 - Hahaha, the scandal was going on since 2002, and they did not even notice, call themselves poker experts??!?

3 - Maybe a year is long enough for those people who likened the UB scandal to the rise of Facism in 1930's Germany to have realized that this is a standard and very weak argument that 99% of intelligent people realize is only ever rolled out by people who are extremely bad at debating anything at all based on facts and / or opinions.

4 - We'll mention 'Appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies', that'll make it sound important, and everything.

5 - Russ did it, it was Russ, the management of UB are completely innocent and are nice to small children and fluffy animals, in fact they might even donate large sums to church-based charity, while Russ has webbed fingers and eats babies.

Well, dear Melted Felt readers, it made the news sites, it made the fourms, and it made the odd blog or two... now it is over we can all forget it and return to our previous passtime of debating how shit the Durrrr Challenge turned out to be.


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