Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Poker Trackar 3 Release Micro-Stakes Version

Hot news this morning, dear Melted Felt readers, as we review the updates and changes in the latest version of Poker Trackar - a software tool not be be accidentially or inadventantly mixed up with the well known poker database software with a very similar sounding name.

Yes, dear Readers, a special cheap as chips edition aimed at Micro-stakes players has been released for those who prefer the penny antes - and not only does it contain a fully functional back-end and heads-up display... but some extra features specifically aimed at players 25c / 50c at the and under tables - these include:

- For Micro multi-tablers - A 'Beep Beep' alert with flashing icon has been introduced whenever you are dealt two cards which are suited.

- You'll be able to prove that you are good but unlucky with the new, percentage pre-flop figure... which transposes your winning chances with your red aces vs 9-10 pre-flop without bothering to account for the fact that the vast majority of the money went in on the river on a 4-6-7-8-9 board with 4 clubs...

- A heads-up display which gives you statistics on-screen about how often each opponent open limps, limps behind, mini-raises limpers, check-mini-raises flops and mini bets out of position into the entire field on the flop - allowing you to make instant strategic decisions.

- Special database Algorithms which change the red (losses) colum to green, based on what you would have won if you just had average luck.

- An add-on which keeps a specially designed fish-list, this automatically overlays the word 'Retard' in big letters over people who are dumb enough to fold a missed ace-six off suit on the river, deny that the ICM stage of SNG tournaments are actually just 'Bingo' or open fold more than 25% of their starting hands.

Enough reviewing... we are off to buy a copy now!


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Melody said...

Sounds sweet. Where can I get one!

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