Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Durrrr Challenge: Moderately Sized Electricity Bill Goes Unpaid

Yes dear Melted Felt readers, the poker world was last night embroiled in controversy, fighting tooth and nail and posting slightly ambiguous messages about itself on popular poker forums. "Why??" I hear the legions of loyal MF fans ask in time-zone distributed unison... well, read on.

We can share the shocking news that the last person on Planet Earth who was following the painfully slow progress of the Durrrr Challenge actually forgot to turn off the light on their way out... running up a moderate size electricity bill which has now reached final demand stage.

Full Tilt, as hosts of the ingloriously dull challenge, did not refuse to pay outright. Instead forwarding our account details and payment request to a 3rd party affiliate and assuring us that we are now on 'the list' to receive 27% of our electricity bill payments back - while acknowledging that brand new players can get utility rebates straight away with no questions asked.

Partrik Antonious was far too busy slating ginger short-stackers in interviews to even discuss payment of the bill, and Dwan himself had apparently never even heard of 'bills', having come straight from his daddies pocket to millionaire poker player status without that annoying thing called 'real life' getting in the way at any stage....

Well, there is a coincidence - the challenge is actually running while we bring you this news item... so instead of getting into that innane debate about whether the challenge actually exits if nobody is there to watch it, we are off to watch a fresh coat of paint oh so slowly dry.



gadzooks64 said...

Well said!

Too funny!

I spewed my morning coffee. Where do I send the bill for my new laptop?

Mark said...


Thanks - you can send the laptop bill to me... just remember to write 'All Postmen Are Wankers' in big letters on the back of the envelope before you post it.


PS: Would have included the address, only I already sealed the comment, erm.

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