Friday, 2 October 2009

Full Tilt Release Non-FTOPS Dates Schedule

In a flip-flop of a switch around the fine people at Full Tilt Poker's press department today held their hands up, sighed and said a resounding 'fuck it'. Yes, dear Melted Felt readers the pressure of releasing FTOPS schedules on a daily basis has taken its toll on those hard working holders of 'Media Studies' college degrees - and a brand new approach was required.

Following a brainstorming team building session involving slightly cringe-worthy role playing the press team discovered that - since there were only a couple of long weekends and the odd rainy Tuesday each year when the FTOPS was not running - it would be much easier to release these dates instead.

Yes, dear readers from now on there will be officially sanctioned 'Non-FTOPS' days where Full Tilt will release via e-mail and a cheap online press-release service a list of 'alternative' activitities for their players to enjoy. Our insider told the Melted Felt's very own mole that these were designed to freshen up players in time for the next FTOPs and included wearing a beard of bees, trying to answer a friends questions for 2 minutes without saying 'yes' or 'no' and pushing an unshelled peanut around the house with your nose.

All other days will feature the ever more popular events, in fact after running out of dates the Full Tilt team have decided to run multiple events each day. You'll now be able to mini-FTOPS at breakfast, PLO FTOPS rebuy over a light lunch and then jump right into a 'main event', the international poker community will be pleased to know that there will be 7 main events each day to choose from covering all timezones.

Well, all we can say is roll on Thursday the 12th of March... thats our first break in 3 years from the all new 'perpetual SNG Madness'.


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