Thursday, 29 October 2009

Poker Public Service Announcement: Please Folks, Do Not Tap The Glass

Even the most shocking exclusives become just another tale of glory after a few days, Dear Melted Felt readers, which is why we bring you a public service announcement today designed to make your play - whether live or online - that 'lill bit more profitable.

'Tapping The Glass' is a reference to fishtanks - and of course a fish at a poker table is someone who is donating his money to the game, in most people's eyes a very welcome player. Tapping the glass thus refers to alerting fish that their play may be less than optimal, usually by insulting them, their mothers, the genetic diversity of their close family and theatening their pets with diabolical torture (though not necessarily the pet torture part) . This then triggers behavior in which leads the fish to discover 'poker strategy', learn and stop being a fish... which is bad.

Now, most players will already know that a flush - that is 5 cards of the same suit - beat a pair of aces. However, if you come across some random fish who does not yet have this knowledge, and is willing to muck in a million-chip pot in the later stages of the world's biggest poker tournament with a flush - after seeing that their opponent did indeed pair the top card, then we urge you to keep quiet... for the long term profitability of the game.

Whether you are some spotty teen who plays freerolls on your moms computer, or a worldwide poker news portal with readers measured in the hundreds of thousands - please please do not post youtube videos which might be forwarded by a friend of the fish in question. Please do not bump a discussion thread which is alread 10 pages long and please please do not blog about it at all.

Poker is hard enough already folks - there really is no need to 'tap the glass.'


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