Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Poker Players Alliance In Last Minute Call For Straws

More than 3 years after the UIGEA was snuck in on the back of a 'please don't import big radioactive bombs through out union-strangled dockyards bill' the Poker Players Alliance was last night staring the gaping maw of failure right in the, erm, gaping maw... With every half assed letter-writing campaign having had little effect, and 97% of rakeback grinders still not in possession of that shiney dropped penny that grown-ups call tax, desparate measures are being called for, along with some clutchable straws.

So with 2 weeks to go before the banks crack down on the degenerate gamblers who spent the last 3 years thinking it had nothing to do with them it is down to Melted Felt to make a last minute appeal.

Yes, dear MF readers, we are today launching an appeal for any last minute straws out there which the PPA can desperately clutch at. Our only criteria for these straws is that they seem plausible at the time, are worthy of a press release or two, a big letter-writing campaign, an online petition, and then can slowly and gently be forgotten as they fail - only to be replaced with another plausible-sounding straw in the meantime.

Straws which involve Senators, Congressmen, faxing and making *ahem* 'donations' (wink wink) to the PPA are all particularly welcome at this difficult time.

In case the last ditch 'Hey my good and important political friends, lets all chill for 18 months while we think about it' act somehow (shockingly) does not get passed in time doe Dec 1st there is no cause for immediate alarm... The PPA have a contingency mass letter-writing plan already organised and ready to roll - though exactly how getting 100,000 online poker players to write to Santa Claus would help we are not quite sure....


PS: Once again, while we are happy to take the piss, the PPA do great work and we genuinely support their efforts - it is not too late to get involved via http://theppa.org

PPS: Sit N Go Planet just had a major facelift... and is now available in French (god knows, they need all the strategy help they can get) check out http://www.sitandgoplanet.com/ or for the soap-shy onion selling garlic muchers out there http://www.sitandgoplanet.com/FR/index.html
should do the trick.

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