Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Melted Felt Year In Review - Part #2

Continuing with our retrospective on 2009, a year in which the world remained full of dumb, fat and extremely ugly people. Like all sequels, this post will probably be not quite as good as the 1st one, though the next will blow you away, or something.

So, dear Melted Felt readers - the Melted Felt Poker Year in review....

May, the sun was out, the days grew longer, and Jamie Gold left Aced. Nobody really knows why, though our post on him being replaced by the Squirrel from 'Ice Age' turned out to be premature as Full Tilt offered him more acorns. Elsewhere, the devil made a rare appearance to distance himself from Mike Mattusow's book and nominations were opened for the poker hall of fame. It was the EU's investigation of the Greek Gambling market that took the spotlight, and a goat, Worried Goat!

June rolled in and the perennial anti-climax that is the world series of poker got going once again. With the Feds siezing $30 million in gambling cash (they still have it!), the Durrrr Challenge going decidely nowhere and wacko-jacko kicking the bucket it was our nightmare post about Hellmuth winning the main event which got the popular vote Hellmuth Nightmare!

July saw the battle heat up between the major poker sites, with Stars climbing a proverbial step-ladder, taking down their proverbial pants and sh1tting right on the proverbial head of Full Tilt with the most players in a single tournament online... oops, where did the link go? Oh well, its under July on the right hand side if you really must...

August was a scorcher! Not much big poker news, Poker in the Park in the UK was a success after precautions against potential sunshine were introduced, those p!ss-pots were finally discarded after Stars introduced synchronised breaks - and we took a look at the increasingly nasty world of online poker games and asked... What if other passtimes were like this?? If Other Passtimes Were Poker

Part 3 coming up after you already looked twice and found it was not there.


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