Monday, 21 December 2009

The Melted Felt Year In Review - Part One

In a series of cutting-edge and exciting blog posts designed to get me off of the hook having to think up anything new for a couple of days - the Melted Felt year in review is here. Being a big proponent of the campaign to decimalize time, I have divided the retrospective into three. This one goes from January through to April and so on.

Before we get going I'd like to take the opportunity to say a few thanks, especially to everyone who has supported my efforts here with links, stumbles, blogroll additions, comments and abusive e-mails or comments. It has been a pleasure, and one I'll definitely look forward to continuing as long the word keeps being spread... more abuse from Pokerstars chat moderators or Bodog affiliate managers is especially nice to receive and I'll promise to publish it!

So, close your eyes dear readers and cast your mind back to the cold on Jan 2009 (just opened them again? well, I guess there is always one who thinks it is possible to read a blog post with their eyes closed...).

The big news of Jan was a gauntlet laid down by one Tom Dwan, who reconned he could play so fvcking slowly 4-tabling PLO at super high stakes that he would never have to pay out on the 3/1 odds offered in his 'Durrrr Challenge'... here we are in late December and we are half way through round 1... never mind eh: Durrrr Challenges...

Well, let us face it, sod all happened in February... so I posted some made up stuff about Stars adding a logo piss-pot for tournament players to their FPP store (the bad old days, before synchronized breaks my dear readers!) Pokerstars Logo P1ss Pot

Full Tilt launched their academy in March, with lessons from pros patiently explaining concepts which will never apply to the micro-stakes in a million effing years. We highlighted the academy teaching players how to choose the luckiest avatar... Academy Luckiest Full Tilt Avatar Education

Swine flu and crunchy credit brought in the spring, while the poker scene started to get marginally more interesting in April... we thought the 'April Fools' joke about poker being a skill game was dead on the money, we then reported on the threat to Annie Duke's position from new 'kid' on the block Suzan Boyle... though our most popular post simply relied on that generally accepted passtime of people around the world of abusing the French... in our look at Elky's attempt to beat the French Hygene world record at the same time as doing something with SNGs - French Hygene World Record

Continuing with May to August next time... so don't forget to bookmark us now!



PokerLaz said...

Wow this year really has been the most...

...unremarkable year ever!

Congrats on making up for the crapness of the year by providing us with some decent humour and amusement to help get us through the day!

Mark said...

just to let readers know that benjamin from intercasino is spamming my blog... great way to build a reputation intercasino you spamming scum. Going to be calling out low life from now on.

... mail below, name was linked to intercasino

Mark ;o)

benjamin has left a new comment on your post "The Melted Felt Year In Review - Part One":

hear, hear-- i second PokerLaz's sentiment!

Publish this comment.

Littleacornman said...

Looking forward to another year of genuine LOL posts!

Mark said...

Cheers Acorn, always good to know that my dark and twisted ramblings are appreciated - have a great xmas!


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