Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pokerstars Launch "Please Don't Play At Full Tilt' Tuesdays

In a news story that wishes it could be xmas every day, we bring you the inside scoop from the world's biggest poker site today dear readers - as we reveal some of the big name players involved in Pokerstars latest promotion - the 'Team Pro Tuesday'.

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, while Full Tilt enjoys nosebleed stakes action every day of the week, with some of the biggest names in poker enjoying the high adrenaline action. Pokerstars somehow twigged that their 'stable' of poker pros may not actually have downloaded the Stars software yet.

In a big to redress the balance, keep the press release department busy, and generally remind smaller poker sites that they are pathetic wanna-bes who do not even deserve to share the same fvcking internet... Pokerstars are running "The Team Pro Please Don't Play At Full Tilt , Oh Please, Please Please Please, Its Only Until The End Of The Year, Honest, We'll Pay You, A Lot - Tuesdays" throughout December. The idea being that the stable of pros will play in the same games they do every day - only on Pokerstars, neat eh?

Completely unsubstantiated Rumor has it that a dedicated support team is on hand to show the Stars pros how to actually download the software, deposit and navigate around the tables... yet another rumor is that emergency coaching has been arranged to teach those tournament donkeys how to play deep stacked cash games - pass the sugar!

More soon!


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