Thursday, 3 December 2009

Shaun Deeb 'Burns Out' Of Insulting Opponents

Rather late news from the world of online poker tournament grinders today, dear Melted Felt readers, as we bring shocking news to those college dropouts who projected their current good run of cards 35 years into the future...and assumed they would still have friends after 2 years. Shaun Deeb, the pro tournament grinder blessed with the word 'Fuckin' as his middle name has officially burned out... of insulting opponents terrible play.

Shaun, who could famously 27-table, chat on AIM, play WoW and eat a big pile of delicious pies simultaneously has decided to stop insulting people in chat boxes until the new year - when he will dedide on his future... with options including giving opponents chat grief in online cash games, or moving to live play and making those insults personally.

Deeb, who somehow won more than $27 trillion during his online poker tournament career allegedly knew his time on the virual felt was coming to an end when a fish rivered some random two pair after getting all-in on the flop when 90% underdog... "I was about to give him a hard time, but the my fingers just refused to type the words" Started the voices in our head, "it was then I realized that giving a real good talking to over the years to some 18,211 fish had become too much, and I was completely burned out of pointless online poker berating". Adding, "I considered moving up levels to where they respect my insults, but already play at those levels, and they don't, and so that one was ruled out"

Well Shaun, whether you choose to insult cash game players over multiple streets, live poker players to their face, or find the will to play those soul-crushing online tournaments once again after your burn-out break - Melted Felt wish you the very best.



Anonymous said...

What were his parents thinking, it's Sally 'Cunting' Deeb I really feel sorry for.

Mark said...

haha - nice shout Kevin!

Cheers, Mark 'Feltcher' Holland

Smiley12 said...

Shaunidiotdeeb...So says one of the biggest lagtard donks who plays at Stars...he has no problem when his Q9 os raise gets reraised by AA and pushes and sucks out for his tourney life....what a fish. Time will tell if this fish has a program which tells what hole cards everyone has and what's going to board.

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