Monday, 4 January 2010

The Melted Felt Year In Review - Part #3

Yeah, yeah - I know, could not organize an egg in a battery farm, ah well the auto-post did not work, I was on holiday and you know - I'm only slightly sorry... so, before we rush into a brand new decade of MF, best get on with the final year in review that was supposed to post last week then!

Is it really already part #3 of our 2009 year in review - well, time flies but aeroplanes crash as they somewhere we have never even heard of. 2009 had an epic last third, with money being won, lost and generally given to the poker site operators all over the world.

Here we pick up where we left off - in September:

September saw more court cases, Eurolinx closure resulting in many players losing out, and the big news - the Kahnawake's long-awaited whitewash of the UB scandal. Our favortie piece was also on the subject of the poker site formerly known as Ulitimate Bet - where Joe Sebok signed as head of not being gay, a position he still holds today. Sebok Not Gay?

October saw the last person still interested in the Durrrr Challenge leave, forgetting to turn off the light. It saw Full_Flush get in trouble over a cheese sandwich, and it saw Full Tilt sued by a poker bot... or something. It was the end of the month which saw a popular post, when we sensationally revealed that the hourly-rate for trick or treating now beats online poker grinding:
Still Grinding Poker?

November and poker now need to have the number 9 attached, as Joe Cada revealed that he sh1ts gold coins by luck-boxing his way to get heads up with a friendly logger - eventually taking down the main event title and suddenly finding he had more than 2 million 'lifelong fans' who were previously hiding: Joe Cada Fans?

December saw the fantastic Melted Felt year in review which looked... hang on, thats not right. Bit early yet to give you the highlights Isildur1 going broke? Cada's big day out? Playing in the name of? We'll just have to wait and see.


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