Friday, 15 January 2010

Kylie In UIGEA Tantrum?

Shocking is not the word, dear Melted Felt readers, to use when someone asks you whether you'd like sugar in that. Instead we bring you the most blatantly falsified excuse ever to post a picture of Kylie, as someone with a slightly similar name refused to sign any pieces of paper in the senate until he gets at least 30 people to simultaneously (and heartily) agree that he is very very important indeed.

Yes, dear readers, the lady who brought us so many happy pop songs including 'I should be so lucky', 'The Locomotion' and 'Spinning Around' - plus many others which looked great on TV when the mute button was on - is kicking up a fuss by refusing to let 6 posts in the treasury be filled before the UIGEA is fully implemented. Senator Kylie, who is probably funded by religious zealots who shun alcohol but enjoy small boys, has put a 'Hold' on the posts - even though the current global economic situation we could really do with some people actually running treasury departments.

This is apparently not the first time Senator Kylie has put 'Holds' in place which actually damage the democracy she was elected to represent. With a track record which included holding up the opening of a new children's hospital until the Senate toliet paper brand was changed to the one with fluffy kittens in the advert - we already knew which side of the legistlative fence ms Minouge sits.

With legislation due in committee this spring that could see the first steps towards regulating online poker we will keep our proverbial eyes peeled... in the meantime a quick and burning question, apparently Senator Jon Kyl gets sent an average of 2 turds each week in the post; what we want to know is, well, who is sending the other one?


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