Friday, 22 January 2010

Quick-Fire Friday - A Poker News Roundup

All you slaves out there will be rejoycing that Friday is finally here! No more work for the weekend, you can now happily sit in front of the TV, eating things... horay!

Today we bring you the first of what may or may not become a regular feature here at Melted Felt, a quick-fire, bullet-pointed, wham-bam-thank-you-mam of an alternative poker news blog post. This will basically be used to spray our usual derision on all of the news that was not deep enough to be worthy of it's own post.

#1 - TJ Cloutier Sells His Soul On eBay

After no takers for his somewhat sweaty used World Series bracelet, TJ has gone one further in trying to feed his high-stakes craps habit. Yes, for just $599.99 you can have the soul of the old-time gentleman of poker to do what you will with, we already offered to swap it for a pogo-stick and are refreshing our e-mail inbox like mad to see if we get a reply.

#2 - Annette_16 Wins Aussie Pie-Eating Contest

People were getting worried, dear MF readers, they were chattering too - saying that after Annette's big win in the WSOPE cake-scoffing finals a couple of years ago that she was not capable of winning again...a mere flash in the pan of beginners luck (or some other mixed metaphore). Well, Annette has really showed 'em, beating a field of 160 in the Aussie Eating Millions 'Pie Eaters' prelim - and taking down more than $60k for munching the most pies in a single tournament - who would bet against her now in the Hot-dog downing main event?

#3 - Tony G Finally Gets Bored With Playing The Same 3 Opponents And joins Party

Savvy businessman, poker pro and all round funny-as-fvck-aussie-bloke Tony G has finally stopped pretending that his self-named poker site had a cats chance in hell of competing, and joined the team of has-beens, wanna-bes and small-town (or should that be small-country?) heros in team Party Poker. We understand that all 3 of his players will have their accounts transitioned Nobel Poker, who reacted to the potential doubling of their player base with great excitement and peace awards.

Right, were off to the pub.


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