Thursday, 21 January 2010

Rush Poker Changes Online Poker - Until Tuesday Tea Time

Shock and awe, Dear Melted Felt readers, as droves of players declare that "it is about fvcking time someone invented something, coz we were getting a bit bored with 16 tabling 6-max NL holdem - especially after dropping out of college and realizing that the rest of our lives was quite a long time after all".

Yes, the 'Rush Poker' recently introduced by Full Tilt is too fast for insults, too bl00dy quick for HUDS and effectively cuts out the dead time between hands - ensuring you'll spend as much of your playing time as possible earning money for Full Tilt (who may give 27% of it back, making you feel really fvcking smug about paying 'only' 73% of the normal fees to the site), rather than watching some wanna-be 'tricky' 5c / 10c player running down half of their timebank before putting in that mini-reraise.

With more than 25% of players who ran well initially declaring that Rush Poker is the future, and 25% of them expected to be saying the same thing tomorrow (and so on into the weekend) we expect the tables to be completely full of grinding regs by next Tuesday morning - at which point the last fish will end his lucky street by losing to a rivered set and go crying back to SNGs - effectively leaving the rakeback grinders competing with each other... wishing someone would invent a new form of poker to relieve the boredom.

Of course, the rush to play rush has left many of the regular cash game tables devoid of their usual nitty regs, meaning there is probably a nice profit to be made from the 50% of players who tried Rush, lost a couple of buy-ins and then went on to explain in forums that they are actually naturally talented Rush Poker players... just a little unlucky.

Right, we are off to play double or nothing SNGs, erm, hang on...


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