Monday, 8 February 2010

Doyle Brunson To Retire? The Inside Scoop!

nother sensationally invented inside story for you today, dear Melted Felt readers, using our usual receipe of 1 part 'the truth', the juice of a squeezed lemon and a liter of Jack Daniels, served overice. As the poker world is both shocked and saddened to hear that big-handed elder statesman of poker and wearer of huge hats Doyle Brunson is to retire from poker!

What those darkened-room dwelling internet poker types missed when writing their news releases is that Doyle is planning to focus on the competitive sports for which he made his name in his youth, before breaking his leg in a freak combine-harvester accident.

At 76 you might think that Doyle, who famously beat three other opponents to win the 1962 World Series Main Event, might be a little old for the triathlon... some commentators are already questioning whether years of sitting in chairs in smokey back-rooms could have affected his big-meet form for the pole-vault and one or two doubters are wondering whether having loose skin around the jowels would constitute a risk-factor for the javelin?

Making room for training for the 2012 London Olympics will not be easy for the nearest we have to Poker Royalty Mr Bruson, who will surely miss watching people squirm as be reraises their trickly but mis-guided internet-learned bluffs all-in, watching the latest thing come and go year after year while counting his oh-so-giant piles of money... however, we have a message not only of hope, but of encouragement - yes Doyle, Melted Felt have gone beyond the call of our normal public-service duty... and arranged for Mike Mattusow to join your coaching staff.

London 2012 gold, ship it Doyle's Way.


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