Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pokerstars To Offer Accounts In Lao Kip?

You may know already, dear Melted Felt readers, that Pokerstars have started to allow play in many currencies other than the US Dollar. With accounts now available in Euros, British Pounds and some other odd currency only used by a small population of French-speaking Eskimos (Can-ad-ian Dullarys or something like that?), the population of the world no longer needs to divide the pot size by 0.78412 to decide how much calling that bet really costs in terms of the number of curries you could buy with the money.

Far from accusing Stars of using the switch to increase their rake, we will today focus on rumors (started by us, here, erm now) of plans which will make even the smallest stakes grinder feel like a real pro. Yes readers the Peoples Republic Of Laos may be a beautiful as sleepy backwater of Asia complete with French-colonial buildings and the most chilled communist dictatorship on the planet - but it may also hold the currency for your new Pokerstars account.

With an exchange rate of more than 8500-to-1 this is the ideal currency for small stakes grinders to feel like they have hit the big time - instead of playing at 5c / 10c you will now be at a nominal 400 / 800 table - when that river bet goes in for what would have been your stack in a $50 game you can be shipping almost half a million into the middle... like a Durrrr after a paticularly spicy Thai red curry.

Since you are not actually allowed to take the Kip currency out of Laos, we are wondering exactly how the mechanics of this new option will work... but what the hell, who you trying to kid that you are actually ever going to withdraw, huh?


PS: Thanks to Rich for accidentially giving us the idea for this one!

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