Friday, 5 February 2010

The Return Of Quick-Fire Friday...

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, Friday is here once more - that day when slaves in corporations throughout the world will celebrate their upcoming freedom for 2 days of watching the same old sh1t on TV while eating, the land(s) of the free huh?

Anyway, enough about freedom - it is time for yet another quick-fire Friday roundup of all the poker news and gossip!

- First up the rather shocking announcement that Jennifer Harman is to give 1% of her earnings this year to The Cure. What the ageing goths from England who are famous for predicting 9/11 in their 1979 single 'Killing an Arab' need the money for is anybodys guess? And what the hell is Jen going on about Kidneys for?

- Next it seems Party Poker are not content to steal small balances from inactive real money accounts, they have actually capped play money at 250k chips each to stop the shady play-chip mafia from chip dumping and reselling. Legitimate play money players are up in arms and threatening to take up train-spotting instead unless the situation is quickly resolved. We love the fact that real money players are reading these 'play money war' items and feeling superior... are you really less sad? Really?

- Merge Poker will soon be eating a yummy slice of Cake according to reports, when Sportsbook Poker and Players Only Poker complete their network move. We understand that all 5 players currently thinking that the animated smilies are cool on the Merge network are really looking forward to having some new opponents...

- Finally, just in time for superbowl weekend, Mastercard have decided to spoil the party! Yes, with doors to payment options slamming shut all around the poker and gambling sites have been forced to set up yet another tunnel committee to find a work around. We were going to place a large bet that the entire senior management at Mastercard got their superbowl bets in just before the crackdown was announced... only our mastercard would not work at our favorite sportsbook to place the wager, or something.


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