Sunday, 7 March 2010

Berlin Poker Game Robbery - A Roundup Of The Roundups

In a news item that has nothing to do with making your enemies drink a quart of castor-oil, we bring you coverage of a daring robbey straight out of the big book of daring robberies today - dear Melted Felt readers - concerning the European Poker Tour Berlin event being robbed for the tune of $1.1 million!

Instead of dwelling on how the robbers knew that the secret password to get past security was 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner', or speculate on whether this was really an appropriate way for pokerstars to make poker more exciting after FullTilt's 'Rush' - we bring you coverage of the coverage... showing how different news organisations and poker communities are keeping you up to date with the shocking developments.

CNN: "Shock As Berlin Poker Game Robbed" - Get the full story after this fvucking long advert break, preview of next week's shows, another long advert break, world headlines, weather and another long advert break...

German News Daily: "Greeks Revert To Desparate Measures To Avoid Paying Off Own Defecit"

Yahoo! : Card Game Robbed For Over $1 Million In Berlin... Click Here To Find Out Which Game...

2+2 Forums: "2 Robbers Outside And 4 Inside With 2 Automatic Weapons, 4 Fvck-off Big Knives And 3 Grenades Not Considered The Optimal Value-Extracting Line For Casino Robberies "

Pocked Fives: "It Really P1sses Me Off When Some Retard With, Like Zero Scores Man, Scores $1.1 Million, Just Look At Their Sharkscope Graphs, Lucky Fvcking Fish, Its Not Fair, Retard"

PokerNews: EPT Berlin Robbed 2 Weeks Ago - $5k freeroll, $10k Freeroll + Points Chase - Money Lost.

Well, all very exciting - we are just relieved the ladies event had to be cancelled really... well, would you want to be the member of staff who had to assess whether they were really, erm, 'ladies' or not (2 posts down dear occasional readers....).

Anyway, if you would like the opportunity to win a seat in a future European Poker tour event in which the prize pool has not yet been robbed we can recommend the SNG planet guide to the
Best EPT Satellite Qualifiers!


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