Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Oscars And Poker Both Make History At The Same Time!

In a post that still holds worthless share options once worth millions 10 years on - we are happy to bring you news not just of, erm, stuff which happens - but the very building blocks of history itself. Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, there is more to news than writing stuff down that makes people exclaim 'You can't write that!"... and last weekend's historical moments were a case in point!

Not only did Kathy Bungelow become the first female win the best picture vote at the 2010 academy award - presented my Sesame Street's Oscar - but a female player also made poker history, by actually winning something...

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers - when cutie-pie Annie Duke scooped that last sensational pot in the National Heads up poker championship those washing-up softened hands she threw into the air marked the very first time a female player had won anything in poker on US soil, ever.

Oddly enough even the World Series ladies event has never been won by a female player. Though there is still a major legal dispute concerning whether 'Milly' the winner of the 2001 event is as female as 'she' claimed. With a definite 5-o-clock shadow by the end of the final table, prominent adams-apple, muscular hairy legs and tendency to relexly answer to the name 'Dave' we have our doubts...

So, congratualations to sweet Annie, who is apparently very kind to kittens and loves to knit when not shopping for new shoes or reading Ubuntu Poker . We are going to make a bold prediction, dear readers, yes - Melted Felt will put it's proverbial neck on the line and state that we think this is just the start, and that there will be not just one, but two female victors in big poker tournaments this decade... though we are pretty sure it will not be in ladies events.


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