Monday, 29 March 2010

Poker Limericks - Link Post

A fun thread from 2+2's NVG to highlight today, dear Melted Felt readers, as your host has come down with a dose of 'Man Flu' and is not feeling in a particularly satirical mood!

Apart from the amusing limericks - there are some other parts of the linked thread which made me chuckle. Firstly, as always on 2+2 some people thought it was extremely important to point out which were 'true' Limericks and which mere rhymes. Secondly, those people popping in to call those who were enjoying the limericks 'retards' (love 'em!)... then popping back to defend their own insults later with more abuse... it is why we love the 2+2 forums sooo much that well, we just want to hug it, no, wait.

Oh well, here is the original thread

And here are some of my selected favorites... back to satire as soon as I stop being the only person in the entire world who feels ill, oh why me, oh why oh why....

Tom Dwan is a poker machine.
He's one of the best on the scene.
He'll win all the monies
And woo a few honies
Until he runs out of Visine

Daniel Negreanu is certainly great:
Especially when there's four to a straight.
He'll put you on air
And call with two pair
And sob when you beat his 10-8

There once was a player called Blom
Who most people thought was the bomb
He bluffed with king high
Got called by some guy
Then ran off and cried to his mom.

You can't see his teeth but he flosses
He's known to slice fruit with his tosses
He dresses in black
His hair flows down his back
And his name pronounced backwards is sausage


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