Friday, 16 April 2010

Annie Duke iPhone App - Big Name Responses

Well, dear Melted Felt readers, if my arm was just a little longer I might actually be able to read the screen of my iPhone. This has not, however, stopped Annie Duke from launching an iPhone Poker app. With Annie's App you download completely nak... [thats the other blog Mark, stay focused now - Ed ], yes, erm, of course, I mean poker tips, that was it, tips, oh and an odds calculator too and, and, and - if you are really lucky - some other stuff - of some description.

Anyway, we would not be the service we are today without bringing you the cutting edge of made up poker news stories. We understand that it is only a matter of months before there are iPhone Poker Apps from a number of poker celebs out there these include:

- Mike Matusow's Special App: Using a mixture of wetness and pressure sensors this app will automatically detect the fact that it is at the bottom of a swimming pool, triggering the order for a new phone to be immediately dispatched via UPS.

- Daniel Negreanu's App: This multi-function application specialises in keeping you up to date with the latest hair restoration technology, recipie ideas involving vegetables and plays a fun little tune when it assesses it is time for your small dog to pop one out... though we can not really recommend the functions which advise you on playing high-stakes online cash games.

- Sebok Special App: This simple (and completely free) poker iPhone App simply reminds you that Joe is definitely not gay every 2 hours or so by playing 'YMCA' by the Village People and twittering some nonsense or other.

- Doyle's App: Not only will you see Doyle Brunson smiling at you saying 'Hi, I'm Doyle Brunson' every time you switch on that phone, this amazing app can keep track of up to 17 different types of medication, reminding you when it is time to pop the next pill. An annoying glitch in this app does prematurely announce your retirement every now and again - though we found the regular 'Not Dead Yet!' broadcast feature particularly useful.

While we are sure these are not the last iPhone apps we will be seeing, its time to go and do some proper work... let us know if you think of any more!


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