Friday, 30 April 2010

Quick Fire Friday Poker News Roundup

Not written anything here for a while... well, actually I have, pretty bl00dy regularly for a good couple of years now, only every other blogger seems to start their posts like that - so I figured it was time Melted Felt joined in with the cool kids - now I feel cool too, well a bit.

Right, another quick fire round up today. For those who prefer our in-depth investigative-journalist, cutting edge complete-nonsense pieces hold on! You are literally just days away from part one of 'The Melted Felt Guide To Poker And Parents'... which is aimed squarely at all you intelligent kids who are heading for a bright futures as taxi drivers, no!, no no no, we mean poker pros damm1t, poker pros.

Anyway, what has been happening in the exciting yet insular world of poker?

- Anyone remember the Durrrr Challenge? Well, it is still going on... and you know what, there is even talk of a 2nd challenger in the air. None other than Brian Hastings looks set to take up the million dollar challenge - just as soon as he alledgedly finishes pooling hand histories with his buddies and comes up with a collective winning strategy.

- A group of kidneys have decided to get together and play a kidneys-only poker tournament with the procedes going to Jennifer Harman. We spoke to the left kidney organizing the event who outlined the fact that Jennifer was a worthy cause, and that it hoped other internal organs would soon be organizing their own tournaments to support struggling poker pros. We were unable to get many details of the time and venue as the spokes-kidney was promptly eaten by a medium-sized dog.

- Cake Poker have finally come to their senses and stopped trying to pretend that the software client 'created for poker players by poker players' was actually anything other than, well, sh1te. The release of their new beta software is now in final test and inside sources tell us a big marketing campaign is about to be released - alledgedly using the slogan 'Cake Poker, Slightly Less Sh1te Software - Fvck All Players'... we can't wait!


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