Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Quick Fire Tuesday - A Poker News Roundup

A rapid roundup of rocking rolling retrospectives today, dear Melted Felt readers... as we bring you the latest and greatest from the utterly fantastic world of online poker news. While you were stuffing chocolate eggs into your already obese bodies this weekend the following announcements have been made:

- The Feds are apparently investigating Full Tilt Poker over allegations of money laundering. With Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson and Howard Lederer named in the investigation. Inside sources suggest that specific allegations that Chris hid the money under his hat while line-dancing, after distracting people present by slicing a carrot with a playing card - Ferguson did a quick dosey-doe with an unknown accomplace - switching the money for clean cash. Meanwhile Lederer's role is to effectively bore the investigators to death with so called strategy videos, or something.

- Everest Poker are to sue Harrah's over their sponsorship deal at the World Series of poker. The case here is that after $8 million in cash 99% of people still have no clue who Everest Poker are... Harrah's are alledgedly considering counter-suing, citing the fact that the table sponsorship contract did not actually specify that the logo was to be on the top of the tables

- Finally, the prize pool at the Paddy Power Irish Open has needed to be refinanced by the Irish government after entry fees were found to be the result of banks simply making up cash reserves. This came to no surprise to the Irish contestants, who after several years of swanning round Europe buying up property thinking they were savvy business people - realized that the money never existed in the first place. It is understood that unless the government can come up with a bail-out fast, the prizes for this event will have to be paid out in guiness and potatoes.


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