Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wednesday's Wicked Wonderings Wevealed - A Poker News Roundup

Go on, dear Melted Felt readers, you can admit it - you missed me while I was on a short break didn't you? What? No idea who I am or why it matters to you if I take a long weekend off? Ah, better get on with a made-up summary of some of the fascinating news then!

- Firstly the congressional hearings for Barney Frank's 'Safe and Secure Internet Poker Taxing Plan' legistlation and the, erm, other one, did not get a hearing in committee this month after all after the entire committee remembered that they had piano lessons that afternoon. This has increased the likelihood of the UIGEA going into effect on June 1st, according to some sources. Poker players all over the US have collectively agreed that this will affect every other poker player except them personally.

- Poker News Daily is reporting that Annette_15 Obrestadt is going to try a re-run of her famous win in a pokerstars 180 player tournament without looking at her hole cards. At first we thought this should be easy... until we found out that Annette is going to attempt the entire 3 hour+ match without eating. C'mon, who you trying to kid?

- High Stakes Poker has continued to hit the news too, with the utterly dull spectacle of big name pros swapping cash amounts which could change your dull, ordinary life overnight. We only note it here to say a quick thanks to the producers for making the fish believe that suited 5-gappers and ace-rag are perfectly acceptable raising hands.

- Finally, it seems that some of the legal heat on Full Tilt Poker has been turned down a notch or two, with not one but two separate cases dismissed recently. Well, Kentucky may be chickens, and Cali may have smoked too much green to remember to pursue the case... but Melted Felt are busy preparing their very own lawsuit, and under satirical law the burden of proof that the small dog avatar does not have an unfair 'run good' advantage will be with the plaintiffs.


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