Monday, 17 May 2010

LA Times 'Poker Players Make Great Traders' Article Has Sweet Knock On Effects

With the damp-squib that is the SCOOP behind us, we can look to the future of online poker today - dearest Melted Felt readers. After all, while you may think that poker is the most awsome thing ever at the moment, even the small percentage of you who somehow manage to scrape a living over the medium-term will end up hating it a couple of years down the line... So, let us think about the world of work instead!

This weekend the LA times published an article which caused the chests of online poker players to puff out, their gait to take on a certain confident bounce and chins to be stroked in a knowing manner as they slowly nodded. Yes, it turns out that online poker players have a use in life after all - as stock market traders. In fact the LA times went as far as to say that the mindset of successful poker players is perfect for a new breed of stock market maestro!

When we looked deeper into this subject area it would seem that the core similarities are actually nothing to do with analytical minds, and the ability to read situations and make the best response for the long term. No, the traders just love people who are happy to click buttons all day in an environment where they add absolutely no value what so ever to society, are able to stare at screens full of numbers 12 hours a day without getting bored and have big enough egos to think that they are somehow important while doing it... now if that is not a perfect match we have no idea what is...

That, as they say when a non-stick frying pan is about to be offered as an incentive to get you to buy that set of lovely kitchen knives, is not all.

The Crazy Confectionary Company of Portland, Oregon have now jumped on the bandwagon and stated that they would be more than happy to recruit online poker players - regardless of the incline of their Sharkscope graphs. It turns out that they have a large warehouse and distribution centre opening dedicated to packaging and distributing their newest product, the 'Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Fudge Delight'. With union rates on offer and full healthcare packages, any online poker players who are really very good but just unlucky are apparently more than welcome to apply for the position of Fudge Packer, with immediate start.


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