Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Squabble With Siblings Sees Annette Sent To Uncle Led

In an exclusive which demands BP pays for the next round, we bring you pokers deepest, darkest and most assuredly made-up tales of teenage angst, temper tantrums, untidy bedrooms and - ultimately - the decision that Annette Obrestadt had better go and stay with her Uncle Led for a while...

Yes, dearest Melted Felt readers, you might have throught all way along that the stable of Betfair Poker Pros was one big happy family who just happened to enjoy playing on sh1te poker software - you'd have been wrong. One insider told us "She was a right little princess, sulking for weeks about not being able to play in the grown-ups tournaments outside of Europe, you know - the 'It soooo unfaaaaaaaaiiirr' act, compete with pout and that annoying flick of the hair routine".

Annette_15 who, like all Norwegians likes nothing better than to tuck into a hearty whale steak, got to the point where she was getting into bitching contests with Peter Jepsen, cussing John Tabatabai and point blank refusing to tidy her blog even after a direct request from Marcus Bateman.

In the end something had to be done, and so Annette was packed off - jar of pickled Herrings in hand - to stay at Full Tilt Poker with uncle Led 'until she has had sufficient time to reflect on her behavior and how upsetting it was to her younger brothers and sisters at the Betfair tables who saw it'.

With the stable environment, huge piles of money and perpetual law suits at Full Tilt we imagine Annette - who, like all Norwegians, has a pet polar bear - will feel right at home. We understand that Mike Matusow has already started knitting her a Full Tilt sweater to replace the Marks and Spencers thick-knit with zig-zag patterned top which Norwegians are obliged to wear at all times. We also understand that Phil Ivey has got the coloring pencils out and created a big sign for the fridge door which reads 'Fridge Pickers Wear Big Knickers', we wonder why?

Howard himself was too busy counting his huge piles of money to comment on whether Annette would be allowed out after 10pm on weekdays.


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