Friday, 21 May 2010

Time For Another Quick Fire Friday!

Just in time to see all you corporate puppy-dogs feeling really cool to ditch those south-park ties for the Friday weekly dress-down, we bring you yet another quick-fire roundup of the week's poker news.

First up, the 'Ways and Means' committee discussed different ways of getting Uncle Sam his rakeback this week, chatting about it theoretically for 2 and a half hours. With a tax on deposits and further tax reporting for winning players, Melted Felt's view is that this kind of legislation would wipe out half of the small stakes pros in one go - as actually paying tax on their earnings like everybody fvcking else would make the sums look very different indeed. We look forward to regulation simply to see the forums when those first IRS forms arrive.

Next we note that Pacific Poker have had a make-over. Yes the saggy bits have been tucked, the wrinkes pulled taught and the nose ever-so-slightly reshaped - oh yeah and it has been colored black and renamed as 888Poker too. First impressions are good, and the association with the 888 brand certainly keeps the place fishy, yep, sorry 888 - we can not award you the title of 'worst poker rebrand ever' currently held by Titan Poker after their hideous 2010 efforts!

Finally, it seems Cereus are all safe and sound after plugging the embrassing (though largely theoretical) security hole found in their encryption which could allow stalkers with pringles tubes to see your hole cards. A spokesman for R. Hamilton Computer Security Inc was quoted as saying, "Its perfectly safe kids, come play on the high stakes tables right now!".


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