Monday, 21 June 2010

Cool Poker Tools - Part #1 - The Tilt Monkey

Here is an idea for a new poker tool, you know the 'software to help you play' kind of a tool. I have labelled it 'Part #1' dear Melted Felt readers, with the intention of coming up with some more ideas later down the line. In reality I'll probably forget by Wednesday, hey, who said coming up with this crap 3 times a week was easy!

Anyway, here is the concept of... The Tilt Monkey

A little monkey icon sits in the corner of your desktop. When you get bad-beat, cold-decked or out-thought at the tables you simply click the monkey and drag a line to point to the player who just beat you... at this point the monkey comes alive (well, an animation does), walks over to the player and brutally kills them in some way.

I'm thinking of a couple of variations here, either you choose a death which fits your current mood and circumstance, or you let the tool pick randomly. We are talking AK47, Machette, Bomb, Acid Attack, Baseball Bat... that kind of thing here all chopping up your opponents icon.

We could even have speech (or maybe speech bubbles) kind of your opponent saying 'I knew you were bluffing" before you leave them the hand-grenade, or "I had to play them they were suited" before you blast them with the sawn off.

This could save a fortune, users would instantly feel relaxed - avoiding expensive tilt.

Well, there you go, I'd make it myself, only I have no clue as to how computers work. If anyone is looking for a ROI to justify their programming time then the monkey could always keep up to date with the latest poker promotions somehow and tell the users about one after each use... maybe.

If you have any ideas for new poker tools let me know!



Anonymous said...

How about this idea, I call it the ‘Youwherethisfuckingunluckyinator!’™
A tool that pops up on your desktop and converts the percentage of your hand winning when the money went in and then converts this in to real world probabilities that are easy to understand and pop up nano-seconds after you inevitably get outdrawn.

For example when you get it in as 99.1% on the flop a little pop up could appear when you get river’d saying something like “ This was as likely to happen to you as it is you will form a long lasting and stable relationship with a girl you meet in a nightclub – This information supplied by the office of national statistics and powered by the YOUWHERETHISFUCKINGUNLUCKYINATOR ™ ”.

Mark said...

Like it Kevin!

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