Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jam-Rag Spat Sees Brunson Lose His Infamous Cool

Back in Doyle's day children were seen and not heard, they didn't do as their parents did - instead doing as they said - furthermore they respected policemen, were kind to animals and they fully expected '6 of the best' for digressions including (though by no means limited to) blotting copy books or being cheeky to their elders and / or betters.

2010 sees a culture as far far removed from the Utopian days of Doyle's youth, as a recent spat with herring-munching young poker prodigy Annette Obrestad reportedly demonstrated. Now, Annette - merely said that she would rather play at a table with 9 Doyles than with 9 high stakes online poker pros... not the biggest deal ever you might have thought, even for a player whose ego is, shall we suggest, even larger than her allegedly ample bingo-wings.

Doyle, for many 100's of years the epitome of cool as he raked in pot after pot from young poker hotshots ranging from home-town heros though to internet wizards - lost his proverbial rag on the very public Twitter. Letting the world know (in less than 140 characters) that the plump young thing was probably at the wrong time of the month.

Of course, this lead women all over the poker world to protest loudly, not least those who were at *ahem* a certain time of the month.

Doyle then offered Annette to put her money where he mouth is and play him in Bobbies Room - the spiritual home of games which Annette can probably not afford. Unfortunately Annette's mouth was already in use chewing on yet another tasty Whale-meat pie, and the offer was declined.

To make up for his error Doyle then profusely aplogised to all the uptight b1tches he offended first time around, saying that he would do the ironing this week and begging them not to 'go on strike' for yet another month, please.

Meanwhile Annette was reportedly furious after being mistaken for the cross-dressing Shaun Deeb in the Ladies Event and asked to sign his autograph.

Half made up of course, but you try waiting for something really interesting to happen in the World Series of fvcking poker, huh.


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