Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Laak's Endurance Publicity Stunt Ups Room's Ante!

In a post which is now managing to suck out half of the poker news while a relief well is drilled - we bring you news of a poker feat which just has to beg the questions: "Why?", "But, Why?" and, "But, But, Whyyyy?". Yes, As Phil Laak sips his special green tea into after 115 hours of continually playing at the Bellagio - we turn our attention to the *ahem* commercial side of things.

You see, dear Melted Felt readers, Phil has been rather smart here. Going beyond the poker press and forums which we are all familiar with, and branching out into the main steam press too. His room 'Unabomber Poker' must be swimming with fish right now... anyway, having seen the positive effects of free publicity, we decided it was time to dispatch the one and only made up poker news story investigative specialist - the Melted Felt Mole, to find out what the other sites and pros were thinking of doing to go one better than Mr Laak in the world record attempts department.

First up, we snuck between the big, big hands of Mr Doyle Brunson to see if he had anything planned for Doyle's Room. It turned out that there was a bit of a quandry going down as to which world record they fancy taking a shot at. Doyle himself is said to favor the Pogo-Stick jumps record, reconning he could easily beat the 177,737 laid down by Gary Stuart of CA in 1990. His team think that the pogo distance record would be more interesting, with a challenge that would see Doyle hopping up and down the Vegas strip to beat the 37 kilometer record of Ashrita Furman set in 1997, we'd love to see this one!

We caught up with the owers of the Cereus network, who strenuously denied that they were considering a challenge involving how many times they can successfully deny that the 'old owners' are still involved in the site, an attempt to beat the record of one Jim McCarthy Jr, who denied that he was denying anything 9,634 times - and still denys being the holder of this record today.

Next we checked out Full Tilt, where new signing Annette Obrestadt has apparently been putting in some serious training for the world Hot Dog eating championship title. If bingo-wings are anything to go by, Joey Chesnut's record of 68 dogs in 10 minutes does not stand a chance...

Anyway, Pokerstars already hold all the records, biggest tournaments, biggest freerolls, most players and so on... an insider did point out that there was a continuial challenge of increasing the height from which they regularly sh1t on Full Tilt. Though not sure if this was suitable for a guiness book of records entry, he did say that you get a framed photo in the lobby of the Stars HQ for being nominated as 'Sh1tter of The Month', alledgedly!


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