Friday, 4 June 2010

Quick Fire Flotilla Friday

In a post which thinks the word flotilla is great fun to say, we bring you another quick fire round-up of the latest poker news, and clear my notepad of all the ideas which were not quite good enough for a full Melted Felt post at the same time... floti-ll-a

First up news from Switzerland, a country so neutral they are actually extreme. Their high-court as recently asked to make a judgement on whether poker was a game of skill or chance, a case brought by land based casinos who wanted to keep the games in licenced venues only. Non-appealable and forever binding, the decision baffled a few analysts - with the court unexpectedly deciding that poker was in fact, erm, cheese.

Next we nod our heads to the cynical humor of the poker-gods, who have seen to it that the modest and unassuming Phil Hellmuth jr has a sizable chip stack in one of the preliminary world series events... can you imagine a world where Phil has 12? 13 bracelets?

Finally for this week, we note that Doyle Brunson created a blog-comment stir by saying that the 'old owners' are still running UB. Conspiracy theorists jumped on the implication that the cheaters were still in control, though we do not yet know the significance of Doyle's other comments, that policemem are getting younger and younger - and that he was not sure if that guy was actually old enough to be a doctor. Still be are happy to hear that Mr B expects to be stacking those internet wizz-kids into his 90's.



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