Thursday, 24 June 2010

Quick Fire Thursday - A Poker News Roundup

Time for another quick-fire roundup of the poker news, no no, we do not mean banal lists of people you never heard of winning events you do not care about at a tournament event you barely new was going on... we mean, erm, other stuff.

New Zealand Latest Country To Acknowledge Tournament Skill

In true international spirit, dear Melted Felt readers, we bring you poker news from completely the other side of the world today. From a place where Orcs roam wild, people stamp their feet before sporting events and, well, sheep. Yes, New Zealand have joined a list of countries which we can not remember for the life of us in ruling that poker tournaments are not gambling, but a form of competition. Before the celebrations start in earnest, we should point out that the usual Kiwi stipulations apply, the only currency New Zealanders are allowed to enter tournaments in is Sheep.

Phil Ivey Wins 8th Bracelet At World Series

Fish all over internet forums were forced to grudgingly admit that Phil Ivey might be quite good after all this week after he beat a horse heads-up to win his 8th World Series bracelet. Ivey proclaimed that he can win 30, Doyle Brunson actually managed to check his ego long enough to proclaim that Phil was indeed the man, and Bob, a consistent loser at $5 SNGs for more than 3 years now, added that it must be nice to run that good - adding that he was seriously considering moving up to where people respected his raises.

Poker Players Alliance On AmericaSpeakingOut (dot) Com

In a bid to remind people that, yes, they still exist, no, the fact that there would be no need for them in a post-legislative world had not even occured to them once, and, well yes, a couple more million in donations could go a long way to help with the *ahem* hard lobbying activities at exclusive resturants, golf courses and 5-star resorts throughout the US - the PPA brought out their big gun this week. None other than Greg 'Fossilman' Raymer spoke up with some nonsense about civil liberties on the moderately well known free-speech website that is only read by people promoting their personal issues. Checks should be made payable to Christians Against Selective Hedonism (CASH for short).



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