Monday, 19 July 2010

Bill's Carnival Of Poker Humor... Get Ye Involved!

Something different today, instead of a post a plug - for a carnival.

Now, it is poker related, and in fact related to poker humor. Nope, not the chuckle that guy from Sao Paulo must have had while he ran down his timebank before showing me aces when I was all-in in the Sunday Warm up yesterday... I mean funny stuff you might have published on your blog or website...

Bill Rini's blog has been on my personal reading list for longer than I;d care to admit... and he has announced a 'Poker Carnival' based on humor, that should result in webmasters and bloggers getting more traffic / links and readers getting a good selection of humor to read, a win / win.

I know that a couple of you shady MF readers possess a razor-sharp whit from your blogs past and present and comments here... and urge you to get involved. I'm going to have a look through my archive this week in a forlorn attempt to find something which might actually be funny too.

The idea is easy - submit them to Bill by the 24th, and he will sort out the best and publish them for everyone to enjoy... here is where to go:

I'll have a cruise around the news and come up with some of the usual nonsense for tomorrow!


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