Thursday, 1 July 2010

Melted Felt Launches 'Donkback' Today

A Historic announcement by any standards today, dearest Melted Felt readers, as we launch the world's only rakeback program totally and utterly dedicated to you, the loser.

With terms so good you will wish you had taken the free lightweight chip set instead, we will go far out of our way to ensure that we give you just enough cash to keep playing a little tiny bit longer.

Here at Melted Felt we understand.

We understand that life is not easy when all your friends are 'online pros, man' while you just suffer beat after beat. We understand that you have no idea how you managed to get rid of your entire bankroll playing heads-up pot-limit Omaha last night when you can only remember falling up the stairs and vommiting after returning from the club. We understand that it is not easy being a big donator to the online poker economy when all you ask is to just have a hand hold up towards the end of a tournament, just once in life.

Not only can we offer you exactly the same rates as everyone else, with the same free rolls you will not join and same annoying newsletters about rake-races you can not possibly compete in - we will let you calculate how much longer your bankroll will last with rakeback.

Just put numbers which are actually higher than the paltry limits at which you play into out 'Lose More Slowly Donkback Calculator' below and it will immediately consult our special algorythm which shows you just how much longer you have before another late night trip to the convinience store for the usual $50 pre-paid visa.

Don't worry, losers, if something strange happens and you suddenly work out how to win we can switch you over to a winners deal in no time, no time at all in fact.


PS: If you are looking for a real rakeback deal then I recommend Rakeback-Planet (why? Well, because I own it) there is an advert somewhere on the right hand column, it is blue, click it now and I'll sort you out!

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